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TirePressure Alert Valve Cap

What Does This Valve Cap DO?


The tire pressure alert valve cap is a small and simple device that will start to blink when your tire pressure falls below 4 PSI below the correct pressure. It is an active warning , which will be seen by the driver as she/he approaches the vehicle .

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Prices have changed since reviewed. Video Review Shown on the Men's Channel. Tire pressure Valve Caps Maybe used on Car, motorcycles, RV and buses.

The Tire pressure alert valve cap is designed to replace the regular dust cap on a pneumatic (sir filled) tire. Therefore it will fit most passenger cars, pick up trucks, large truck, tractor trailers forklifts and motorcycles. The valve cap is small (approximately 1"x1/2" ) and weighs onlu.3 oz . This will have virtually no impact on the wheel balancing or on the appearance of the vehicle. It is however recommended that the device be place on motorcycle wheels prior to balancing tires .






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