L.E.D VALVE CAP   




Installation in 30 Seconds 

 how it works

 Make sure your tire is at the apropriate level  for your brand of tire. remove Old Valve cap from your existing Tire. Remove Tire pressure Vlave cap form p[ackage and remove tape form rear.  Screw on Tire pressure alert valve cap onto valve stem. Scew on until  you hear a small hiss noise.  Unit is them install properly when hiss sound is heard


how it works

Test unit by removeing unit from tire valce stem. Unit should blink to let you know its been removed

 Since Tire Pressure Alert Valve Cap is a self-calibrating device, no further calibration or maintenance will need to be done.

A set of four Tire Pressure Alert Valve Caps can be installed in just few seconds and will not require a trained technician. The tire pressure alert valve cap  has also been checked and insured against any potential interference with electrical devices in the vehicle such as the engine, ABS and on board driving-computers. The device requires no drilling or any other modifications to the car that could potentially void the warranty.

Ensure that your tire is at the correct pressure before installation and calibration takes place





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Tire pressure Package

4 per pack




 Installed on Motorcycles